Pow Wows

Currently in Development:

Pow Wows is a garage rock band based in Toronto. We developed a video treatment and complete pitch package for the band for their single “Hidden Future.”

The story takes place at a Bukowski·esque “End of The World!” dance. A few misfits and barflies have gathered for one last melancholy party. Its more “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” than epic doomsday blowout… Forlorn and hopeless, these characters fret over the past and weep over what might·have-been and what will never be. Everyone wears their final “casket” outfits: its like a Lynch-ian dream parade of bizarre fashion. There are Elvis worshippers praying to their idol to meet them in the afterlife… A wallflower who weeps over lost love…

A pretty grim affair really, until the Pow Wows arrive on the stage to furiously belt out Hidden Future – a ferocious song about breaking free of the things holding you back… By the end of the song, the room is wild with defiant energy and youthful revolt.

Our video treatment package has been submitted to various grant agencies for funding and we are currently seeking independent financing for the project.