Amy Food Styling

Amy is a talented chef, food stylist and photographer with a passion for clean and heathy living. Like many creatives, Amy came to me thinking she didn’t “have enough stuff” to fill up a website. This is common, and to all of you out there with similar notions I say: don’t be silly! Are you planning to wait until you’re well established with tons of material? That’s not how it works. You need a shareable portfolio to give people a sense of your aesthetic if you want them to hire you so you can BECOME established. A small body of work is not a bad thing – if its good.

We built Amy a “gallery” style page that puts all the focus on her gorgeous images – that’s how it should be. Design shouldn’t detract from YOUR story, it should help you tell it. We also built Amy a blog where she posts editorial content about healthy food, fitness, lifestyle and DIY projects.