erin_circlemarymary productions was founded in 2013 by Erin Mccann.

After completing studies in Theatre & English literature at the University of Toronto, Erin pursued life/ work as a writer, director, actress, filmmaker and designer in cities across the globe including Berlin, London and Montreal.

Having spent several years in a full time marketing and communications role, Erin got the itch to branch out on her own with marymary. What began as a few freelance design gigs for friends quickly morphed into a growing roster of clients and an insatiable demand for compelling content and great stories.

Erin’s artistic sensibilities inform every project she undertakes – whether creative or business oriented. She is passionate about making exceptional work, takes no shortcuts, and gets things DONE when others cannot. That is the marymary mantra:

Tell stories. Without pretence and without excuses. Find a way when others say “not possible.”

A story that resonates is a powerful thing: harness that power and you will distinguish yourself from the noise. In all my work, its the same process: I look for a great story, I get to the heart of it, and I TELL IT.